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Lion’s Guide to Athena/Venus Quest (Full Details And Pictures)

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Lion’s Guide to Athena/Venus Quest (Full Details And Pictures)

Post  prostar on Sat Sep 24, 2011 10:23 pm

Lion’s Guide to Athena/Venus Quest (Full Details And Pictures)

The pet Venus/Athena is a medium level Version 6 quest that can be completed all the way up to the last battle with a single reborn team without jumpers. To start the quest you must have already completed

*Goddess Skill (Melhili’s Blessing)
*Nether Generals Quest (Athens)
*Pandora’s Box (Quest in the Snow Cave)

Most people have these quests completed already. As for items, you’ll only need SunBadge Prop from the Nether Generals Quest. Keep that on you the entire time. Once you’ve got that, you’re all set to begin the quest for Venus/Athena. As a small tip, I recommend setting warp point to Athens. This is like a middle spot for the three areas you need to visit and there is also an important NPC you need to visit twice here to initiate two quests.

First, make your way to Rome. Follow the map paths I take and you’ll eventually end up at Hunting Grounds, a popular training spot in Rome. Proceed to the question mark at the bottom of the screen. You will know the quest activates when your character stops and comments about something that has happened ahead. Proceed further to see a unicorn surrounded by several warriors. The battle is relatively easy. Knights should JS because each seal with the exception of cord lasts three turns and is a double hit. You need about 1150 speed to outspeed. My lowest outspeeder was 1210 so I know that is good for sure. Be careful as they spawn. I think one or two may not, but going in prepared to deal with one spawn from each mob for a total of 16 mobs. In one screen below, HP is about 9.2K. The mobs HP averaged around this. Max I saw was a little over 10500. One fire DS with critical is usually enough to handle them. Once you are done, Venus comes to take away the unicorn. Head back to Athens.

Ooo La La

Once Venus leaves, you can spawn/return to Athens. Near the Leopard training house, there is an old lady walking around. Speak to her and she will mention a Fete on Crete where people are sacrificed to a Minotaur. Now, I tried with steamboat and was NOT able to reach the island. However, when I used Aether I made it. I do not know whether Plane will work. For now I assume only flying vehicles can reach this island. Anyway, once you are inside, proceed to the last room where you will find the minotaur in question. In the second room in the cave, take the middle warp point. I apologize for not taking a screen of that area. The skeletons can seal and hotfire, but there’s only six mobs at any given time. Take out the minotaur (it took me two DS) and then knock out the other mobs that spawn. Once you win, Athena will appear and take the Minotaur away.

Now, return to Athens. Don’t make the mistake of going to the next island listed in the other guides. Or you will end up like us in the screenshot directly above. There, talk to the old lady again to proceed the quest along. Once you’ve talked to her, you can access the next island. Contrary to Crete, I was able to reach this island by steamboat. Once there, you’ll want to go into the very first snake head you see on the island. From there, follow the maps to a room with a trapdoor. To open this trapdoor, you need to play a minigame that consists of memorizing numbers that appear, disappear, and then listing them from smallest to great. First four rounds only 3 numbers. Next four rounds 4 numbers. Final 4 rounds a whopping 5 numbers. Afterwards, prepare for the final four fights. Follow the path in a semi-circle, battling three rounds of guards along the way. In the first two rounds, they each spawn once. The guards have around 16K-18K HP so take your time. 1200 speed is enough for these fights. Again, they have three turn seals and hotfire. For the final guards round, each mob spawns TWICE. This is a lengthy battle that will consume your food. The guards are the same however, so take your time to kill them. Once you defeat the final round of guards, open the chest for the Hell Key Prop

Okay, you are now ready for the final battle. First, disband team and then talk to Apollo. I say disband team because you will be raped the first time. After that battle, Athena and Venus save you. Heal now, team up, and then prepare for the real battle. The back row does NOT spawn. They are also the bosses. Take advantage of fatal blow if you have it to get rid of them quickly. Dracula has a very powerful single target magic attack skill. Kirk can revive and sleep. Medusa can terra as well as a medium damage earth skill. Gilbert can mess you and also has a weak mage skill. The other guards are the same as you have seen.

Here’s how I did it. Wind to cord and seal Dracula. Water to sleep and try to hit kirk. Fires to take out Kirk. Then Medusa. I chose Gilbert over Dracula since my seals were landing almost 100% on Dracula and I was having more trouble with mess than anything else. However, most people opt to kill Dracula first as when he is hotfired he can spawn you.

The front row guards spawn 3 times each. 1200 speed to outspeed the bosses. 1200 speed for the mobs. Once the bosses are down, the four mobs are a piece of cake. Once you finish, choose either Athena or Venus and congratulations.

Thanks to Soda for assisting with his water on the last battle

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